Philippa Klein MSW PSW RMT

Founder and Counselling Therapist

I firmly believe that connection through family, community or intimate partners is the stabilizing force that allows us to feel safe, happy and strong in our lives. There are times when these connections are broken, or we find we are simply not able to maintain good quality relationships. Therapy is a safe place in which we can explore our family histories, look at current relationships and selves and tackle the very human fears of loneliness, isolation and esteem.

I welcome everyone to my practice. My aim is to create a secure therapeutic relationship with my clients regardless of gender, background, age or sexual orientation.

I have spent years working with cancer patients and in bereavement. Through this, I have gained inspiration and appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit in times of crisis. I have learned strength is best accessed through support and community. There are times in our busy society that this support is hard to find, and that friends and family are not enough. This is where therapy can help.  A therapeutic space is one where we can feel safe and supported in talking about our fears and or worries.

I like working within the family dynamic and am open to how I conceptualize family and relationships. I have experience working with straight and queer populations. I welcome traditional and non-traditional (including non-monogamous) configurations. I am an empathetic listener, but I also provide a guided and structured approach to life’s challenges. I use a multi disciplinary approach which is informed by  Solutions Based Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory, Systems Theory and Mindfulness.

I founded the Open Centre in the hope to create an environment of integrative health care where a diversity of populations could feel welcome and supported. I am so proud of the team we have collected. There is a depth of knowledge and experience in our practitioners that opens up a space for healing in body, mind and spirit. The Open Centre Welcomes you!

I can be reached at

Parneet Chohan - Psychosomatic Therapist

Parneet Chohan is a psychosomatic therapist with a MA in Counselling Psychology inspired by the resilience and healing abilities of the human mind and body. Parneet's work is directed towards the liberation and wholeness of all beings, with a special interest in queer women of colour through mindfulness, embodiment, self-awareness, compassion and authenticity. Parneet is currently a facilitator for the Authentic Montreal community as well as training in Somatic Experiencing. When necessary, Parneet identifies as brown, racialized, south asian, queer, woman, femme and non-binary.    Contact Info:

Megann Ayotte - MSW Social Worker

I am a social worker specializing in mental health and individual counselling. I draw on a variety of therapeutic techniques to help people better understand difficult feelings or experiences, improve their quality of life, and develop self-compassion. I work from an understanding of systemic oppressions and how they can be perpetuated within the mental health care system; it is for this reason that I do this work with great respect for clients’ rights, as well as their needs. My goal is to provide trauma-informed care that creates a safer space in which clients can express themselves and that gently challenges them to begin the healing process. I can be contacted at

Lori Isaif, MSc, OT Psychotherapist

Lori Isaif obtained a BScA from Concordia University and a MScA in occupational therapy from McGill University. During her studies, she interned at the traumatic brain injury (TBI) unit at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), at the Chiang Mai Woman’s Correctional Institution and at the Suang Prung Psychiatric Hospital in Thailand. Internationally, she focused on cultural diversity and inclusiveness. Here, she operated re-integration programs for prisoners and patients with chronic pain, addictions and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Upon graduating, she became a member of the Order of Occupational Therapists of Quebec. After additional training at the Beck Institute in Philadelphia for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and at the Anna Freud centre in London for mentalization-based therapy (MBT) and Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), she obtained her psychotherapy license and became a member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. Her training also includes addiction counselling, mindfulness, motivational interviewing (MI), structured relapse prevention (SRP), projective expression, sensory stimulation, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and psychodynamic therapy.

Ms. Isaif has experience working in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings in the public and private sectors. She works both as an individual therapist and a facilitator of dialectical behavioral therapy informed and psychodynamic process groups.

Ms. Isaif became a private OT psychotherapist practitioner in January of 2013. She works with individuals struggling with a variety of challenges, including but not limited to, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, emotional dysregulation, crisis management, personality disorders, self-harm and anger management.Lori can be reached at

Lasha Shaw Korchynski- Psychotherapist

I offer professional, confidential, and client-centered psychotherapy services . I am a licensed c.o. (OCCOQ) and a registered psychotherapist with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec.

My specialty is helping people to develop self-awareness and emotional self-regulation skills so that they can cope with difficult feelings or situations and live happier and more fulfilling lives.

You can find out more about me and my work, and if you would like to introduce yourself, ask a question, or to book an appointment, get in touch

Erica Lane – Licensed Counsellor

I am a licensed counsellor in Montreal, Quebec and I specialize in providing individual therapy to children, adolescents, and young adults. As a therapist, I work to empower my clients to live a life in accordance with their values, overcome difficulties, and gain self-awareness and insight while building resilience. We work together through the framework of cognitive behavioral therapy to build the client’s toolbox of skills to help them manage their thoughts and behaviors. I aim to provide accessible and affordable services to all people. I can be reached at (438) 320-8478

Dr. Marcel Parent – PhD Philosophy & Religion (or PhD Philosophical Therapist)

“Life is no different than nirvana,                                                                                                Nirvana no different than life;                                                                                                           The Buddha never taught                                                                                                            Anyone anything.”                     Nagarjuna (2nd c. Buddhist philosopher

I am a Doctor of Philosophy who has been exploring philosophical and religious approaches to subjectivity for over twenty-five years. I offer Philosophical Therapy as an approach to better fulfilment in the world.
Philosophical Therapy, both a stand-alone psychoeducational approach, but also complimentary to traditional psychotherapeutic and psychodynamic interventions, focuses its work around theoretical or philosophical perspectives to allow a client to explore the world they inhabit in different, inspiring and sometimes challenging ways.  

For people who sometimes come to an impasse within traditional therapy, philosophical therapy allows for a deeper engagement with intellectual framings of the world around us, and a variety of inspirations for moving forward positively in life. I bring to the discussion an expertise in European thought, including Existentialism, French Theory (especially Michel Foucault), and hermeneutics. I am also well-versed in social and political ethical theory, mainly feminism, postcolonialism and queer theory. Finally, I may be most robustly familiar with Asian traditions, including Buddhist, Hindu and Daoist philosophy and religion. I find a variable approach where we explore a number of intellectual perspectives to find the best fit to particular issue to be very effective.

The approach I take is relevant for a wide variety of people, and I focus especially with those who want an exploratory approach to life’s problems and opportunities. I am also well-versed in certain areas: nonmonogamy, masculinity, queerness, Othering, existential or spiritual crises.  contact me at: or 514-502-7741

“The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning.” – Michel Foucault

Ensi Pourshafiey -- Lawyer & Accredited Family Mediator:

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University (2004), I am a lawyer and a member of the Quebec Bar (2008) and the Association de mediation familiale du Quebec (2017). After starting my own family in 2012, I shifted my practice from the corporate world to a more meaningful career as a family mediator and I have come to enjoy the human dimension of family law. While separation and divorce are very difficult personal and emotional life events, I truly believe that mediation is the most sensible and reasonable way to begin a new parenting journey. Helping parties reach a point of resolution is very rewarding. It helps build longer lasting agreements and puts the parties back in the pilot’s seat where they can hopefully come up with an arrangement that allows them to co-parent together or turn the page on a difficult chapter of their lives. It's win-win.

As an impartial mediator, I will not give legal advice or make any decisions. Rather, I will help the couple identify all the legal issues and facilitate the difficult conversations that are often needed to reach an agreement covering division of assets, custody, child support, parenting plans and more. 

Mediation empowers couples to find their own solutions while keeping the best interest of their children at the center of all their decisions. Once an agreement is reached, as a lawyer, I can draft the legal proceedings as well as divorce applications and I can have the agreement confirmed by the court to make it enforceable. I am a gifted listener and I use a non-judgmental and problem-solving approach that ensures that parents’ contributions to their children’s lives are respected and carried forward even after separation or divorce. 

 Family mediation is intended for legally married couples, de facto spouses and conjugal partners. I offer two types of mediation: 2.5 to 5 hours of government-subsidized mediation (funded by the Ministère de la Justice du Québec for married or common law partners with one or more dependent children) and non-subsidized mediation for all other cases.

I can be reached at 514-567-8654 or

Alia Raad, Clinical Psychologist

Alia is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, member of the “Ordre des psychologues du Québec”. She holds a Professional Master degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology as well as a Bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology. She speaks fluently English, French and Arabic and has participated in several internships involving adults and children in different milieus until she took up her private practice. Alia has had experience with various topics such as mental health, stress, lifestyle difficulties, addictions, substance use issues and problems associated with physical conditions, marital and
family relationships troubles, eating disorders, mood disorders and anxiety; with an emphasis in all forms of grief processes. She draws from her extensive training in psychodynamics, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based psychotherapy to provide personalized care. All the sessions are conducted in a safe space allowing emotional explorations in an inclusive, accepting and forbearing environment.

Contact Info:

Yasmine Suzanne Sikender, MSW

 I’m a bilingual social worker who works with adults experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, loss and grief. I blend empathy with a holistic and strengths-based approach leading to an increase in resilience and well-being. My interventions are tailored to be culturally sensitive and I provide a safe and supportive environment while creating a trusting relationship with you. My professional experience in disability management also provides me with clinical skills regarding workplace health.

Contact info:


Valerie Namer - Osteopath

Valérie Namer est ostéopathe D.O. formée au Centre Ostéopathique du Québec (Montréal), membre d’Ostéopathie Québec, détentrice d’unDoctorat en Médecine, d’un DES en Endocrinologie et Métabolisme (France) et ancienne interne des Hospices Civiles de Lyon.De 1995 à 2002, elle a vécu à Buenos Aires où elle a exercé auprès de patients et mené des recherches cliniques en endocrinologie-obstétrique au CEMIC (Centro de Educacion Medica et Investigaciones Clinicas).Son expertise dans les mécanismes hormonaux et métaboliques donnent un éclairage particulier à sa pratique de l'ostéopathie du coaching nuitritionnel.  Basée aujourd'hui à Montréal, elle a intégré plusieurs cliniques multidisciplinaires dont le Centre de Médecine Intégrative de Montréal.Valérie anime des formations post-graduées pour les ostéopathes du Canada, de France, de Lettonie, d'Argentine et du Liban (COQ, CFPCO, EAO, USJ). Elle dispense également des formations pour les professionnels de santé (Université de McGill, Hôpital Juif de Montréal, UQAM ) ainsi que des conférences pour le grand public. Contact:

Michelle Sands DO - Osteopath

Michelle has worked for 15 years as a yoga teacher and Pilates instructor, where she specialized in working with clients with chronic pain, injuries and illness. This love of movement and meditative practice forms the foundation of her work as an osteopath.  She believes deeply in the intelligence of the human body and works with care and respect for each of her clients. Michelle completed her B.SC. in Applied Zoology at McGill University  in 2000, before pursuing her studies at the College d'Études Ostéopathique de Montréal.  She has completed specialized courses in the areas of pregnancy, pediatrics, geriatrics, chronic pain and endocranial spasms. You can contact Michelle at

Massage Therapists and Energy Workers
Lorena Lombardi - Massage Therapist Mindfulness Coach

I have training and experience in a diversified set of fields. Influence from all of these fields has led me to create a unique, unconventional, and compassionate practice as a mindfulness coach. My work considers the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health.I obtained certification as a yoga teacher in 2009 and have been teaching size adapted yoga in English and French ever since. Influenced by this training and experience, I have developed a mindful movement training program to help people of all sizes and physical abilities achieve greater comfort with their bodies. In 2016, I completed a Curvy Yoga certification as well.I also obtained a certification in Bach flower remedies in 2011, which allows me to help people deal with the wide array of emotions that come up in the various circumstances of their lives.

Furthermore, I have been practicing oracle card reading and tarot since my youth and have been undergoing serious mediumship training since 2011. I have therefore developed great skills that allow me to communicate with spirits and other entities that can help people feel connected to loved ones that have passed on, or receive new insight that can help them make decisions about their lives.

Through my experience working with LGBTQ+ and feminist organizations, I have gained extensive knowledge of local community resources and have shown a high aptitude for peer support. My values, centered on anti-oppression and intersectionality, are expressed in my work and guide my own personal development as well as my compassion toward others. I can be reached at

Annick MF- Wellness Coach/Movement Therapist

Hi, my name is Annick MF. I’m a Wellness Coach and Movement Therapist, who aims to help people feel well and capable within their unique bodies. I am particularly interested in bringing wellness practices, body awareness and movement confidence to marginalized communities who endure systemic conditions that predispose them to illnesses while also impeding their access to holistic well being. As a Black health practitioner I am sensitive to these issues and actively work on dismantling oppressive systems around me as well as within myself. I inherited this mindset and practice from my maternal grandmother who was a community healer / fanmsaj (midwife) who worked through manyen (manual therapy), nutrition and remed fey (herbal medicine). Her presence guides my work and has greatly informed how I move through this world. In my own life time I have amassed a BSc in Exercise Science (Kinesiology) from Concordia University, a professional certificate in Kinetic Swedish massage from Kiné-Concept, 3 internships in Athletic Therapy, 6 years of experience in personal training/health coaching and a lifetime of dancing. From all these fields and influences I have built a practice that embraces the interconnections between the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sociocultural aspects of our beings.  Some of the services I offer include: holistic wellness coaching, postural evaluation and education, ergonomic education, injury rehabilitation, therapeutic exercise programs, active massage treatment, and personalized movement flows. 

For bookings please email me at    I speak English, French, Haitian Creole and Spanish ** If the service you are looking for isn’t listed please contact me to see if it is within my practice*** I offer sliding scale slots as well as community funded slots for those who require it. Priority is given to people from historically marginalized communities. 

Helen Moutogolis LMT Cht Naturotherapist

Helena Moutoglis is a Mind - Body- Spirit Specialist which is certified as a Holistic Naturopath / NaturoTherapist -QC LMT Masso Therapist - QC Certif. Hypnotherapy Consultant - Holistic Intuitive & Energy Therapist having numerous yrs of education & hands on experience in various Modalities / Therapies / Techniques around the world. Integrating all these aspects to better tailor each session on an individual and personal basis. She looks forward to meeting and discussing all the ways in which to offer you an exceptional and unforgettable Session. Caring for your Well Being !!! Heart and Soul

You can contact her at 514-212-6252

Jade Salter - Sports Massage Therapist

Jade is a Registered Sports Massage Therapist. Specialising in chronic musculoskeletal, issues Jade uses her tool box of Swedish massage, passive mobilisation, Deep Tissue and postural correction in her treatments. Jade is also a certified yoga teacher who founded QueerTransYoga, a weekly donation based yoga class aimed at providing and supporting the queer and trans community in Montreal. Teaching Mindfulness meditation at McGill University and working occasionally as a burlesque dancer Jade draws all her skills in mindfulnes, somatics and communication to provide a safe and informative space for therapy. You can contact Jade at

Raven Taylor - Massage Therapist

Raven’s comforting, gentle and reassuring massage approach is complimented by her caring intuitive touch. She works with Reiki, Kinetic Swedish, and Ayurvedic massage techniques, and draws from a decade of practical experience using bodywork to heal the effects of stress, anxiety, and trauma. She is dedicated to a gentle, pain reducing approach with heart, flow and intention. She loves to work with movers and shakers, creators and music makers.  You can contact Raven at 514-880-8488 or

Dawn Upfold -Energy Therapist

Dawn Upfold is an Energy Therapist, Life Coach and professional Tarot reader who helps clients release emotional and belief blockages so they can live with more emotional freedom and joy.
A Reiki Grandmaster (Usui Fam Rei lineage), she’s also certified in Tibetan Healing practices, Quantum Touch and Life Coaching. She has a BA (Honours Project) in Communication Studies from Concordia University.
Dawn created and runs the Open Centre’s popular “Tarot du Jour” event. She combines her knowledge of Tarot, intuition and proactive coaching approach in a unique style to provide an excellent alternative exploration of situations that empowers clients.
When you’re blocked on an emotional or physical level, energy healing can help you release the blockage, whether you’re looking for simple stress relief or dealing with conditions including PTSD. When you have questions about what’s going on in your life and need to explore possibilities, a Tarot reading can help clarify your options. When you feel blocked from meeting your goals, Life Coaching sessions can help you work through your obstacles.
Dawn is a proud member of the Open Centre’s team of integrative therapists helping clients live their best life. Contact her for a free consultation for any of her skills at 514-700-4550, and to book an appointment at the Open Centre please visit :

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